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Tips for the Road

Before looking down the road, remember that there are 3 financial targets that you should work on for your savings throughout your life.

Protected Cash - Cashflow Assets - Growth Assets

These are not goals that you reach. 

If you stop and think you have "arrived", then you will probably slide back down.

Always keep working towards these targets in different ways all your life.

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Protected Cash:

 For an emergency fund

 For an opportunity fund

 For a major financing fund

 For compound growth of the protected cash

 Protected from lawsuits and bankruptcy


Cashflow Assets:

 Strive to acquire and own assets that generate cashflow to you every month or every quarter or at least every year.

You may choose to spend some of the cashflow or you may choose to re-invest some, but make sure you always have cashflow.

Those who just build balances worry that their funds will run out.

Those who build diversified positive cashflow have the option to be much happier and worry free.


Growth Assets:

If you own protected cash and if you have started the process of owning various cash flows, then you can focus on the growth of your assets.

Own diversified assets that in combination grow faster than inflation and the turmoils of the world. Own diversified types of assets, diversified market exposures, and diversified counter-parties (which company going bankrupt would hurt your asset).



Partners on the Road:

Don’t travel the road alone.

People with partners on their road tend to be much more successful and much happier.

Family – your partners might include your spouse or your parents or children or a wise aunt or uncle.  Cherish family and as appropriate work with them on your progress down the road towards financial success.

Co-workers - whether you are an employee, self-employed, or own your own business, carefully choose co-workers with whom you can share goals and plot success. 

Associations -  Find associations that apply to what you do.

If you make slingshots, then consider joining the World Slingshot Association or whatever applies to your situation.  Learn from others.

Advisors -  find advisors that understand your goals and that support your goals.  Use them to add to your success.

Tax accountants, CPAs, lawyers, insurance advisors, investment advisors.

If they can’t understand and support your goals, find another one.

Mentors - find and cultivate mentors for yourself - be a mentor to others.

Steps on the road to financial and personal happiness:


  1.  Make money and constantly and consistently improve your mind, body and spirit to support your money making.  Find your own way of successfully making money.  Be focused and determined, but also be kind and serve others.

  2. Spend less than you make – Always – when you are 16 – when you are 86.  Creating cash flows and owning growth assets makes this goal easier to achieve.

  3. Save 10% or more each year into your protected cash savings.  This creates the funds to achieve all your other financial and personal goals.

  4. Know what it costs to borrow from your protected cash.  If you have a large purchase, then borrow from your protected cash if the cost to borrow is less than the other financing available.  If not, don’t!

  5. Always “borrow” rather than “take” from your protected cash.  It is tax free and your protected cash funds continue to compound.

  6. Whenever you borrow from your protected cash, make a formal, written, monthly repayment schedule with market interest rates.

  7. Make the monthly repayments.  Every month.  Without fail.  Don’t destroy your financial safety and success.

  8. Carefully research and buy or create the passive cash flow generating assets that are compatible with your own skills and talents.

  9. Never stop learning.  Never stop growing.  Never stop researching.  Never think that you have “arrived.”

  10. The world will change around you and you will need to adapt.  Guaranteed.

  11. “Retirement” should not be a goal.  Your goal is to create the financial foundation so that at each stage of your life you can choose to be active in the way that is best for you. 

  12. Help your family and friend learn these tips for the road and follow their own path to financial and personal success.




Give Thanks Every Day

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