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Protected Savings

Protected Cash - For an Emergency Fund

Protected Cash - For an Opportunity Fund

Protected Cash - For a Financing Fund

Explore our financial solutions that optimize your Protected Cash.

For Everybody Who Wants to Save

  • For safe, protected savings with the addition of a significant death benefit.

  • In Texas and in many other states this is the very safest place to keep savings.

  • To build a safe emergency fund.

  • To build a personal opportunity fund for big purchases or investments.

  • For starting your own business or for paying off your debt.

  • For your business and for employee retention.

  • Tax free growth, tax free death benefit, tax free access to your cash value.

  • No IRS reporting.

  • For everyone - premiums of $100 per month up to $83,333 per month.

  • Customized for where you are in your life. Consider your grandchildren.

  • Customized to lay a foundation for all you plan to achieve.

  • Dave Gillespie is an expert at designing life insurance policies that offer you the most protected cash value for your premium dollar.


Tell Me Again -

Why Is This Cash Protected?

In many states 100% of the cash value and 100% of the death benefit of life insurance is protected from bankruptcy and law suit judgments.  This includes Texas, Florida and Nevada.  Check your state.

Whole life insurance is a signed, two-way contract enforced by each state.

It has written guarantees - many more guarantees than universal life or money market funds.

I mostly use dividend paying whole life policies from Penn Mutual.  They haven't missed a payment to a policyholder since 1847.  Dividends go up and down and are not guaranteed, but they have paid a dividend every year.

As you pay your premiums

  •  Your cash value in the policy goes up

  •  Your death benefit goes up

  •  Net guaranteed returns and any dividends make your cash value go up

Easy to change ownership of your policy if needed.

Easy to change beneficiaries

Very quick and easy to borrow from the insurance company with your policy cash value as collateral.  Simple request form.  No reason or questions asked.  No credit check.

Don't borrow from the insurance company if you have cheaper financing available.

Always repay the policy loans.

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