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Your Net Worth - How Can I Help?

Updated: Jun 25

How can I help?

A) Anyone with over $1,000 in savings:

Cash value optimized, dividend paying whole life insurance.

Creates regular savings with easy (but not too easy) access to your money.

Cash value grows every year - guaranteed.

Death benefit increases every year - guaranteed.

Protected from bankruptcy or creditors in Texas and most other states.

Tax advantaged growth, access to your funds and death benefit.

I can optimize policies for you from $150 per month to $100,000 per year or more.

B) Net worth over $1.5 million:

Well managed, diversified, alternative assets for accredited investors.

For monthly income, for growth or for very significant tax savings.

For monthly income there is secured debt with monthly income from 6% to 8.25%.

Learn about equity funds that truly believe in and successfully implement "buy low" and "sell high".

Invest from $100,000 to tens of millions.

Invest personally, through your existing financial advisor or diversify the investments in your 401K or IRA.

Technology Fund. Real Estate Funds. Energy Funds.

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C) Net worth over $5 million:

For planning your wealth for yourself, for your family or for your charitable legacy.

Obtain access to very large premium financed life insurance policies - $10 to $50 million.

No collateral. No personal guarantees.

One time payment of a small fraction of the first year premium.

Make a real difference in your family legacy or charitable legacy.

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