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The Road to Financial Happiness

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Steps on the road to financial and personal happiness:

1. Make money and constantly and consistently improve your mind, body and spirit to support your money making. Find your own way of successfully making money.

This is greatly enhanced by always being kind and often serving others along the way.

2. Spend less than you make. Always.

3. Save 10% or more every month into your own protected Cash Savings Vehicle. In good years save much more. We can teach you how to do this safely and with contractually guaranteed growth.

4. Grow to the point where all your major financing needs flow through your Private Banking Strategies. We can teach you how and help you to implement your own personal solution.

5. Steadily get to where you are paying NO interest expense to outsiders.

6. Always "borrow" never "take" from your own Private Banking Strategies. Keep the principal growing and compounding month after month, year after year in a tax-advantaged way.

7. Whenever you borrow, make a formal, written, monthly repayment schedule to yourself with market interest rates.

8. Make the monthly repayments. Every month. Without fail. Don't destroy your financial safety and success.

9. Research carefully and buy or create passive income generators compatible with the skills and talents that you grow for yourself. Never stop growing. Never stop researching. Never think that you have "arrived". The world will change around you and you will need to adapt.

10. Repeat starting at Step 1 - while also helping your friends and family do the same.


a) Retirement should not be a goal. Your health and happiness will be much greater if what others might call "retirement" is just you following the above steps until you have more passive income than working-for-others income.

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