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THE Flexible Legacy Vehicle

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Have you worked hard all your life, been successful and want your money to go exactly where you want it to go when you die?

What are the obstacles and complications?

Income taxes

Estate and gift taxes

Probate laws and overlong settlement delays

Family tensions and squabbles

The high cost of trust formation and annual maintenance and taxes

The unknown need for money for health care at the end of your life

The first spouse to die having no control over how things are

handled by the second spouse

Living longer than you expected (usually a nice problem to have, but not with no money)

The family members who get the money you leave having no clue

on how to handle the money.

First, get expert advice appropriate for the state you live in and for your own family circumstances. Each state is different. Each family is different. Clearly express your needs and goals so that you get the right solution.

But many experts do not realize how flexible and efficient whole life insurance policies can be for having your money go where you want it to go and without any significant delay.

Talk to us and have us talk to your estate planning advisor to help you get a better solution that is customized for your particular family situation.

During your life build up your financial security using our Private Banking Strategies customized for you. Read our related blog article

The Road to Financial Happiness

and teach all your family members these same principles and help them implement them fully. These Private Banking Strategies also give your money great protection from changes in taxes or laws that might affect a 401K or IRA and give you protection from lawsuits or unexpected bankruptcy. See our related blog article

Where to Store and Grow My Money

And as you implement this, work with us to help these same vehicles solve and simplify your estate planning requirements. Use multiple policies, specified multiple beneficiaries, and co-owners to give you both the control and the results you desire.

But most of all, the insurance company distributes the money as you intended and designated within days of receiving a copy of the death certificate.

Estate tax exemptions are currently high and income tax rates lower than we may see for a long time into the future, so now is the time to act.

Contact me by email at or text or call me at 817-881-5631.

Let us help you customize your own Personal Financing Solutions and help it be a key part of your estate solution as well.

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