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Negative Interest Rates - Low Returns

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Read this article excerpt and chart that I received at the end of August 2019:

The five-year government bonds from 12 of the 20 countries currently trade with negative interest rates and the average of these bonds has gone negative to -0.03% in August.

Hard as it may be to believe, the average interest rate for the five year bonds of major world countries is now negative. For the right to tie up your money for five years, you pay them!

In Switzerland, you lose over 1% per year for the privilege of putting your money in their bonds. This is even before taking into account the effect of inflation which would make all of these interest rates negative.

Where can you get a positive return on your money - on your savings for the future?

You can invest, you can speculate. You can build a successful business. If you are good in these efforts you will have a positive return. Many people will be less successful. There is no guarantee.

Where can you get a guaranteed positive return? Funds left to compound as cash value in a dividend paying whole life insurance policy can still offer you a contractually guaranteed return - currently around 4%.

And these same compounding cash values can be used as your own bank to finance the needs of your daily life.

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Let us help you customize your own Personal Financing Solutions.

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