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How to Make a Great Storehouse Even Greater

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

In the article "Where to Store and Grow My Money" we discussed the many advantages of storing and growing your money as cash value in a dividend paying whole life policy.

If I could show you how to control the money coming into your household each month,

get the money back that you spend each month, with more safety for your money, all while paying a lot less in taxes, would you start a conversation with me?

As a completely static tool, you can put some money in a cash value optimized whole life insurance policy and it will pleasantly compound over the years. But it will not change your life.

You will still might fall in the trap of spending months or years of your life where you spend more than you make.

You might still go in debt.

If you are successful, you might still think that paying cash for all your purchases is the most successful financial tactic that there is.

If less successful, you might think that it is the normal American way to go in debt (at very high interest) for your cars and for your homes and for your other major purchases and when the budget is tight to put your monthly expenses on a credit card and ever so slowly pay it off.

We can show you a better way.

With discipline and over time you can make a series of cash value optimized life insurance policies into your own Private Banking Strategies.

Here is a real person testimonial of this process:

"When Vance first introduced the Private Banking Strategy, we

were at our wits end, we were we heavily in debt over $500,000,

paying an average interest of 16% and just over $10,000 a

month in payments.

"We were truly slaves to the system and could see no way out.

"When Vance finished setting up our private banking strategies

we couldn’t believe it at first but we followed the plan month by

month. Just in the first few months we were able to turn over

$1,000 a month of out flowing payments to inflowing income.

"I’m writing this because it only took 63 months to get

completely out of debt. We turned $10,000 of monthly

payments into $10,000 of monthly wealth building

accumulation and I don’t have to pay any tax on the interest.

"Surprisingly we didn’t have to work any harder nor did we

change our cash flow. We just changed who received the


"Thank you Vance and your friendly staff so much. I plan on

sharing this with all my family and friends.”

-- R. C., Fort Worth, Texas

If this interests you, download and read the full book written by my partners Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks at:




Click on the above link, fill out the short form, and download the book for free.

Read the book. Think about it. And then read this short book again.

If you are ready to take action or have questions, give me a text or call at 817-881-5631.

If you first need more information, then buy and read the original book on this principle:

Becoming Your Own Banker

By R Nelson Nash

See more at our Private Banking Strategies website:


We will help you implement Private Banking Strategies step by step.

The principle is deceptively simple:

1. Build money in a cash value optimized whole life insurance policy.

2. When you need to make a purchase don't borrow from a commercial bank or finance company or credit card.

3. Borrow from your insurance company using your cash value as collateral. One form. No hassle. No questions.

4. Make a note and a repayment schedule to payback this loan at a market interest rate. If the purchase would have required 8.5% interest then pay your loan back using 8.5 % interest. If the credit card advance would have hit you with 25% interest, then pay your own loan back using 25% interest.

5. As it grows, do every bit of your financing with your own bank.

6. Watch the balances continue to grow and continue to compound more than you ever could have imagined.

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