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How Much Insurance Would You Want If You Didn't Have to Pay the Premiums?

Updated: May 7, 2020


Planning your wealth for yourself, your family and your charitable legacy?

Usually life insurance is one of the best tools to help accomplish these goals.

But life insurance can be expensive - requiring annual cash flow at a time in your life when your cash flow is already committed.

Learn how to create significant tax free capital for family legacy, business and charitable purposes.

If your situation in life can justify the need for a very large life insurance policy and you are healthy and under 70, then we have a program where for a small fraction of the cost of one year's premium you can have access to a financed permanent life insurance policy without posting collateral and with no personal guarantee. The financing leverage is supported by investor funds seeking very secure long-term returns.

Someone is going to have to pay the taxes for the $2.5 trillion and growing 2020 stimulus packages, but with wise planning it doesn't have to be your family that pays.

This program is not for everybody - many will not qualify - but if this would benefit your wealth plans, then send me an email. We can show you a generic example. Then you can provide information and we can create an illustration for your particular needs.

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