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Updated: May 13

1. For Everybody Who Wants to Save

Cash value optimized, dividend paying, Whole Life Insurance

A) For safe, protected savings with the addition of a significant death benefit.

B) In Texas and in many other states this is the very safest place to keep savings.

C) To build a safe emergency fund.

D) To build a personal opportunity fund for big purchases or investments.

E) For starting your own business or for paying off your debt.

F) For your business and for employee retention.

G) Tax free growth, tax free death benefit, tax free access to your cash value.

H) No IRS reporting.

I) For everyone - premiums of $100 per month up to $20,000 per month.

Customized for where you are in your life. Consider your grandchildren.

Customized to lay a foundation for all you plan to achieve.

2. For "accredited investors." ($1 million net worth excluding home)

Diversified Alternative Assets in Oil, Real Estate and Tech

To build upon the foundation of your protected savings.

Would you like an asset that reduces your income taxes ?

Would you like assets that reduce your exposure to the stock market ?

Would you like a secured asset with annual interest over 8% ?

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3. For Wealthy Families with very large estates

A) Create a large irrevocable trust for estate equalization or planning.

Without you ever having to write a check.

B) Efficiently plan your estate even with large illiquid assets like a private business or a large ranch.

C) How much life insurance would you want if you didn't have to write a check?

D) Insured must be 70 or less and in good health.

4. For Commercial Banks.

A) Banks with $.75 billion to $49 billion total assets.

B) Earn significant fee income for multiple years with no impact on your lending capacity.

C) For banks over $50 billion this program is still very profitable.

D) Increase bank deposits for up to ten years.

E) Uniquely serve and retain your key clients.

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