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Do They Want the Joy of Fishing?

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

We all know the story about

"Give them a fish - They eat once."

"Teach them to fish - They can eat all their lives."

Most parents and grandparents (and kind aunts and uncles) want to help their kids.

But most often they just give them a fish - once or several times.

When we pay our kids expenses and just keep on giving them money and things -

when they are 15 and 25 and 35 -

They never "learn to fish".

They never learn the earning skills and the budgeted spending habits and the monthly saving habits to be financially self-sufficient.

Being self-sufficient brings a comforting joy.

Always being in a financial crunch brings worry and stress or breeds a sense of entitlement that can destroy self-worth and eventually destroy society.

Not being financially self-sufficient can lead to depression or anger or abuse or drugs and alcohol.

Even many wealthier families with sophisticated financial and legal advisors think they have solved these problems by setting up rigid, tightly controlled trusts with set ages when the money is accessible by the kids.

This often has poor results if the kids have not also been taught to fish.

They need the same earning skills and budgeted spending habits and monthly saving habits - the same as the poorest family - except on a bigger scale.

Whether financially modest or wealthy, there is the additional challenge of where to store the monthly savings so that it is both safe and that the temptations to spend it on unneeded things is kept very low.

We can help you set up Private Banking Strategies that are optimal for you and your situation.

Once you have the safe place with guaranteed growth for your money, we can teach you how to use this for all your financing needs year after year.

By having access to Private Banking Strategies, a young adult can borrow for needs approved by the co-owner of the policy and then repay the loan each month, with market rate interest, and learn financial budgeting and discipline.

As they watch their cash value grow and compound each year and their outstanding loan balance decline each month, the power of their Private Banking Strategies will become obvious.

They will have a tool they can use and replicate for the rest of their lives.

They will have "learned to fish."

Read the books. Go to Read the Books - Find Joy to download a free book that is a quick read that explains the concept. To learn more details of this solution, get the other book on this same link.

For an overall summary of how to execute the plan of learning to fish, please read

Any questions? Ready to Start?

Contact me by email at or text or call me at 817-881-5631.

Let us help you customize your own Personal Financing Solutions.

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