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The Best Way to Predict the Future?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Do you want to create a better future?

The best way to predict the future is to help create it.

Here are some ways my associates and I can help you create a better future for you and for those you love:

Read the book "Perpetual Wealth"

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Big capital gain coming in the next 12 months?

If you expect capital gains of $5 million, $500 million or more,

how would you like a way to structure your assets so that when you sell them, you keep much more of your money for you and for those you care about?

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Do you want more from your retirement savings?

If you have a significant part of your retirement funds in 401Ks or IRAs,

and you would like to diversify the returns in your retirement funds,

and you would like some of your funds to go tax free to your beneficiaries despite the Secure Act changes, then talk to us to find out how.

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If You are 18 to 60

If you are 18 to 60 then what is perhaps your best economic investment?

Talk to me about convertible term insurance that:

1). Locks in your health rating for future permanent insurance

2). Provides significant and economical death benefits

3). Can provide up to $25,000 of death benefits for each of your minor children

4). Can even provide you with benefits if you become critically injured or ill

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If You Want Savings with Guaranteed Growth and Protection

In Texas and many other states, the very safest place to grow long-term savings is as cash value in a permanent life insurance policy from a well rated mutual insurance company.

In retirement, money accessed from permanent life insurance can be not only income tax free but also not be included in Medicare cost calculations.

I can custom design policies with guaranteed growth, with expected growth much better than the guarantees and with the ability to access the cash value tax free and with the eventual death benefit income tax free.

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Do you already have plenty of bank savings and plenty of cash value life insurance?

For assets over $5 million, consider setting up Private Placement Life Insurance with options for tax free growth, tax free borrowing and tax fee death benefits.

For assets over $100K that you can invest long-term, get a very superior return with annual investments in a Life Settlement equity fund.

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Why do I offer such apparently diverse services?

In each of the areas for which I offer service, I have associates with decades of experience.

Each of these services can help you and those you love have a better future.

Dave Gillespie

GTED LLC 817-881-5631

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