My Private Banking Strategies

Modern life needs money.

Those we love need money after we die.

But much more importantly, each of us and all those who we love and who depend upon us

need money every month – every year – throughout our lives.

We can help you with adding a better and safer Private Banking Strategies

for all your life.

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The Road to Financial Happiness


Steps on the road to financial and personal happiness:

1. Make money and constantly and consistently improve your mind, body and spirit to support your money making. Find your own way of successfully making money.

This is greatly enhanced by always being kind and often serving others.

2. Spend less than you make. Always.

3. Save 10% or more into your own Private Banking Strategies. In good years save much more. We can teach you how to do this safely and with guaranteed growth.

4. Grow to the point where all your financing needs flow through your Private Banking Strategies. We can teach you how and help you to implement your own personal solution.

5. Steadily get to where you are paying NO interest expense to outsiders.

6. Always "borrow" never "take" from your own Private Banking Strategies. Keep the principal growing and compounding month after month, year after year.

7. Whenever you borrow, make a formal, written, monthly repayment schedule to yourself with market interest rates.

8. Make the monthly repayments. Every month. Without fail. Don't destroy your financial safety and success.

9. Research carefully and buy or create passive income generators compatible with the skills and talents that you grow for yourself. Never stop growing. Never stop researching. Never think that you have "arrived". The world will change around you and you will need to adapt.

10. Repeat starting at Step 1 - while also helping your friends and family do the same.


a) Retirement should not be a goal. Your health and happiness will be much greater if what others might call "retirement" is just you following the above steps until you have more passive income than working-for-others income.

See this info in my blog article and many related articles at The Road to Financial Happiness

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Let us help you customize your own Private Banking Strategies.

Safely Keep a Portion of Your Money as Cash Value 

 Money saved as cash value in a life insurance policy can be extremely safe.

Historically, life insurance companies have survived recessions, depressions and wars much better than banks.

In Texas and Florida, cash value in life insurance policies is lawsuit protected and bankruptcy protected without limit.

In many other states these cash values are also highly protected but with some timing or amount limits.

These same protections apply to the death benefits that you get along with your cash value savings.

By the contract terms of the life insurance policy, your cash value is yours.  

This is unlike banks where since 2010 you are merely an unsecured creditor of the bank.

See our blog article Where to Store and Grow My Money for more details.

 Contractually Guaranteed Compound Growth 

 Whole life insurance policies are designed to build cash value in addition to providing a death benefit.

The customized policies we can design for you will maximize this cash value.

The contract terms of your whole life insurance policy will specify a minimum growth rate of the cash value.

For most policies currently this is 4% compounded annually - compounding year after year after year.

In addition, the policy provides for annual dividends which add to the growth of the cash value.

Dividends are not guaranteed, but the companies we use have a consistent track record of paying dividends.

The contractually guaranteed growth and the dividend growth are both tax free and have no IRS reporting.

Use as Your Own Private Banking Strategies

 The ​cash value in your whole life policy is available as collateral for you to borrow from the insurance company. 

You can borrow at any time and for any reason.

The interest rate is very modest.

With this borrowing feature you can use the growing cash value of your policy to meet your financing needs.

We will teach you how to grow your cash value to fund first a portion and then all your financing needs.

Look at the webpage for my partner business, Private Banking Strategies

Use to Teach Your Children or Grandchildren

   How to Fish

      Not Just Giving Them a Fish

 If you leave money for your children of grandchildren in your will, you are not around to see that they use the money wisely.

If you set up a trust then the terms are hard to change and again you are not around when it is used.

There is an alternative to waiting until you die or the descendents waiting to reach a certain age after you die.

Set up a whole life insurance policy for your child or grandchild with substantial cash value.

Set yourself up as the owner of the policy so that you retain control and can use the funds if absolutely needed.

But tell your descendent that if they have substantial needs they can borrow from this policy.

If they need to buy or replace a vehicle.

If they need to pay for college or trade school.

You can counsel with them to encourage wise financial decisions.

You can set up a jointly agreed upon repayment note with market interest rate.

As the advances are repaid, the cash value of the policy grows.

The interest goes to the descendent's cash value, not to a bank or finance company.

When you die your descendent can be designated to receive full ownership of the policy.

They have their own Private Financing Solution to use the rest of their life and they know how to use it wisely.

Use to Diversify Your Counterparty Risk 

When you have funds saved and invested, you need to consider the safety of the company holding the funds.

If you money in banks and 401Ks with investment  companies, give serious consideration to diversifying your risk.

By having a portion of your money as cash value in an insurance policy, you are giving yourself additional protection.

Contact Me to Plan Customized Private Banking Strategies for You

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Let us help you customize your own Private Banking Strategies.


 Wealth Transfer Solution

Death benefit protection can replace income and provide a benefit to loved ones allowing other assets to be maximized and used as intended.

Guaranteed and Predictable

 A whole life insurance policy offers cash value accumulation at a steady and predictable rate, which helps combat inflation over time, typically earning a better rate of return than other low market volatility vehicles like a savings account, certificate of deposit, money market account or government, commercial or municipal bonds. 

It can be an alternative income source to provide income when the market is down. Policy cash value can be accessed in order to avoid having to sell assets for personal income at a market low-point. 

 As policy cash value grows, there is additional peace of mind that the guaranteed death benefit continues unaffected by market volatility. 

Unique Yet Complimentary 

Most assets fluctuate over time, experiencing highs and lows, but whole life insurance steadily accumulates cash value over time.

Since whole life insurance is insulated from market losses, it provides opportunities to be more aggressive in the balance of the portfolio. 


While diversification is based on carefully constructing a portfolio of a variety of different types of assets, whole life insurance provides unique benefits not available with other assets.


Additionally, it offers an alternative income source during retirement to help other assets last longer.

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Private Banking Strategies

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Let us help you customize your own Private Banking Strategies.


Show Me the Money

In the movie “Jerry McGuire”, Cuba Gooding’s character keeps on saying “Show me the money”.  Most every goal that we turn into a reality needs money. If we get the money from credit card or other high priced borrowings the interest paid will usually frustrate our reaching our goals. If we use business or consumer bank loans to get our money we both pay interest and are always at the risk of losing our collateral if we can’t make the payments. If we save money in the bank, we are paid miserably low interest rates that make for very slow growth and it is so easy to take money from the savings and never put it back.  We look at the money in our bank account five years later and still see a sad low balance.

Safe, Compounding Money for Your Potential

In Texas, one of the very safest places to have your money is as cash value in a life insurance policy.  It is protected from creditors, from law suits and from bankruptcy.


The dividend paying whole life policies from a mutual insurance offered by GTED have cash value balances that grow every year – year after year.  They grow at a much better compound rate than offered at any bank account.  The balances are not affected by stock market fluctuations.  The younger you start and the more money you put in, the greater the cash value balance you will have available for your future use.  The cash value money creates a great portfolio diversification to any money you have in other investments or savings.  And you get a death benefit as well.


The cash value money is accessible at any time for any reason.  It is accessible at any age with no penalty.  There are never required withdrawals.  The interest you pay to access the cash goes mostly or completely back into your cash value balance – not to a bank – not to the insurance company.


When properly structured the cash value money grows tax free and can be accessed tax free.

Money for Your Potential 

What can you use this cash value money for?


  • Downpayment on a car or Buy a car for cash

  • Further you education or the education of your children or grandchildren – no 529 rules

  • Start a new business

  • Fund expansion or equipment for an existing business

  • Downpayment on a home or even Buy a home

  • Vacation of Your Dreams

  • Cover your expenses during a layoff

  • Medical Expenses not covered by insurance

  • Retirement

  • Elderly care

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For whatever opportunity the funds are borrowed from the insurance company, they can be repaid with any schedule and depending on your policy, continued growth of the cash value offsets much of the interest.

  • College 

    • with funds from parents or grandparents cash value can be built to fund education - tax free - with more flexibility than a 529 plan.  Can be used for other purposes without restriction when no longer needed for education.

  • Cars​

    • ​borrow funds from cash value of policy to pay a down payment or all of the price of a car.

  • Home​

    • ​borrow funds from cash value of policy to pay a down payment or all of the price of a car.

  • Your own business​

    • ​build up the cash value over time and then borrow funds to start a business of your own.

  • Retirement​

    • ​work steadily over time to build safe, tax-free funds for retirement.

  • Elderly Care​

    • ​build funds to comfortably handle expenses near the end of your life.  With many policies funds can even be borrowed from the death benefit.

Contact Me to Plan Customized Private Banking Strategies for You

Call or text me at 817-881-5631 or email me at so that we can plan and customize for you together.


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