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Benefiting My Family

For almost everyone, family is the highest priority and what we are most thankful for in life.

Whether you belong to a large multi-generational family of fifty, a family of three, or a family of one who has some favorite nieces and nephews, family is important.

My Family

For most of us, our family is what we are most thankful for. Whatever form our family takes and however many people we count as family, we want to benefit our family - during our lifetime, in times of need, when we pass on and for future generations.

With forty years of experience in serving families and their financial needs ...

With the full resources of a highly rated mutual insurance company that has been serving policy holders for over 170 years...

GTED can meet with you and plan what custom structured plan would work best for you and your family and your goals


One of the most important ways we can benefit our family is by having secure savings.

See our My Future Potential page for more on this.

Ownership of a cash value policy can be easily transferred to the family members.

Death Benefit

If anyone depends on you, the death benefits of your life insurance should be a minimum of about 7 times your annual salary and up to 25 times your salary.


Death benefits have several advantages:


  • They are income tax free to the beneficiary

  • They go directly to the beneficiary without the delays and complications of  and probate.

  • With the carriers we use it is a quick process.

  • The benefits can be held in trust for minors with simple documents

  • GTED can work with you and any other advisers to optimize who is the insured and who are the beneficiaries in multi-generational families to maximize cash value and death benefits.


How the Death Benefit Helps Your Family:


  • Helps with Expenses after Death:

    • Ease the burden of loss from a death by covering final expenses

    • Replace lost wages

    • Support the family in taking care of daily expenses

    • Assist with college or other education or re-employment expenses

    • Relieve the oppressing burden of debt for loved ones

    • Help pay off the home mortgage

    • Pay off student loans

    • Pay off credit cards


Estate and Family Planning

Estate and Family Planning

GTED can work with you and any other advisers you might have to use cash value life insurance and convertible term insurance as part of the optimization of your estate and family plan.

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