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Optimizing My Business

Haven’t you put your heart and soul and endless hours into building your business?

Let us help you optimize the long-term value of your business for you and for those you love.  Meet with us and let’s plan step by step what can help you.

The following are five key areas of planning to optimize your continued success:

Succession Planning

Every business owner needs to have an “unexpected event” strategy for the business. A plan that details what should happen to the business if an owner or partner in the business should die prematurely, become disabled, if a business partner gets divorced, loses a professional license, etc. will help ensure the business is prepared for whatever the future holds.  Let us help you plan how to protect your business value when these events occur.

Retirement Planning

Putting all earnings back into the business is not a sound retirement plan. Business owners need to plan to have safe, secure, protected savings outside of the business to ensure for a secure future for them, their family and their employees.  We can offer ways to have assets that are bankruptcy and law suit protected.

Estate Planning

Business owners often accumulate the bulk of their assets within their business. Proper estate planning is essential to ensure that a business owner's family's source of income isn't tied up in the business or burdened with tax liabilities.  We can offer solutions that avoid probate and have no income tax consequences.

Key Employee Planning

In today's competitive marketplace, it is important to attract, reward and retain quality talent. One of the best ways for a business owner to do that is by offering key employees a quality benefits package that includes that includes non- qualified retirement plans that have no ERISA rules and can be customized for each key employee or 1099 contractor. 


Do you have your business up and running?

Do you have at least a couple of years of financial statements?

Do you know what your business is worth?  Over 90% of business owners do not know.

How can you do succession planning, retirement planning and estate planning when you don’t know what your business is worth?

Most business valuations cost thousands of dollars and weeks of time and effort. 

For our clients, GTED can offer a free 29 page business valuation with industry comparison for key business metrics.  This can be completed quickly online.  Let us help.

Small Business Owner circle only.png

The smartest move you can make for your business is to simply start planning.  Contact us and let us help.


The following information helps to clarify the various solutions available as part of your plan.  The decisions you make today can help improve the future of your business, your family and your retirement.



Succession Planning

Enables the continued success of your business in the face of expected and unexpected events.  This results in retirement funding for you as the owner and legacy planning for your family and for key employees.


Legacy Planning

Allows you to access your business assets in retirement and to efficiently transfer them to your loved ones after you pass on.


Business Succession Planning

Determines how to transfer ownership and step out of the management role of your company while maximizing your personal income.


Retirement Income Planning

Creates income to fund retirement for you, your family and your employees.


Key Employee Benefits

Attract and retain top talent while also planning for the owner’s savings and retirement.  With proper tools and planning this can be done in a very tax efficient way.


Key Employee Compensation

Provides additional compensation as a performance reward and incentive.


Wealth Accumulation

Maximize return while minimizing risk and taxes.


Personal Retirement Planning

Create and manage a plan for key employees to save and grow personal assets based on future income goals in a safe and tax efficient and flexible way.

Risk Management

Minimize risk and insure continuation of the business


Key Employee Retention

Use long-term incentives to entice key personnel to stay with the business and support the goals of the business.


Personal Income Replacement

Build financial security and benefits for the owner and employees and their families in the event one can no longer work due to illness or accidents.


Business Continuity

Ensure that the business will be operational after an emergency or disaster or if you are no longer able to lead the company.  Owners, employees and company assets are protected.

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