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More Tips to Ponder and Act Upon

Ask - Ask - Ask

Other people know things that you don't know

Ask questions

Ask for information

Ask for help

Ask others how you can help them

Ask others how you can do better

Make Compounding Work for You

 (Your Principal)  X  (Interest or Return Rate)  X  (Time)

 All three factors Matter

 Maximize each of these factors - prudently

Expect the Unexpected - And This Too Shall Change

 If you are prepared, it will probably be a struggle

 If you are not prepared, it will probably be a disaster

Maximize the Present Instead of Projecting the Future

 "Predictions are difficult, especially about the future." - Yogi Berra

The Government Is Your Financial Partner -

   Whether You Like It Or Not

History shows that all societies tax their citizens in changing ways

Learn to Count Costs As Well As Gains

"Opportunity Cost" - The cost of passing up a better choice when making a decision

Focus on Cash Flow Instead of Net Worth


Focus on efficiency and ownership

Focus on what you can control

Wherever possible, expand what you control

Make Money Move for You

To become prosperous, money must be able to move

Don't fill buckets, build pipelines

Multiply Your Money

Learn how banks make money,

Not from how depositors make money

Make your money work in multiple ways

Concentrate and focus on what can make you the most money

Act - Do - Move

Nothing happens unless you do something.

Plot, plan and then act on your best plan

If it doesn't work as well as you hoped, then adjust and learn

And act again.

"It does not matter how many times you get knocked down,

   but how many time you get up."  Vince Lombardi

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