The Markets Are All Going Crazy

What Can I Do?

Dow Jones Industrial - Log Chart - Equal Distance Is Equal % Change
27 April 2020
WTI Oil CFD Price 27 April 2020
Would you rather invest when oil is
at over $100 or near all time historic lows?

Protected Cash

Are you interested in Protected Cash?  Click here.

Are you an "accredited investor" ** ?

If so, see the information below:

Interest Rates All Seem to Be About Zero

   Where Can I Get a Decent Return?

How about secured energy debt paying 6% for a one year term and 7.75% for a three year term or 8.25% for a five year term?  Interest paid monthly or compounded until the end of the term.

If you decline to redeem at end of term you receive a new similar term and keep the same interest rate.

$75,000 minimum investment - maximum investment in the tens of millions.

Contact me for more information or sign in here to see full details or to see a sample of the Reg D secured loan agreement.

Call Chris Most, listed below to hear why this makes sense in these markets.

Oil and Gas Prices Are Crashing - Is the Sky Going to Fall?

   Do You Personally Believe in Buy Low - Sell High?

Find more information on a fund providing an equity interest in a private oil and gas producer with very low production and drilling costs.  

The company is positioned with expertise, vendors and internal capital to take advantage of the current low energy prices to truly "Buy Low".

$75,000 minimum investment - maximum investment in the tens of millions.

Consult with your tax advisor to see if you could benefit from the up to 100% of your total investment as a tax deduction in the first year.

This tax offset in consultation with your tax advisor could allow offset of the cost of a Roth conversion or IRA or 401k unwind.

Contact me for more information or sign in here to see full details including a summary description, private placement memorandum (PPM) and informational documents and videos.

Call Chris Most, listed below, to hear why this company can thrive in these markets.

With the Virus Pandemic - Who Might Thrive in the Aftermath and Recovery?

   What Areas Will Profit from Improved Technologies?

Find more information about an equity interest in a technology fund focused in three areas:

Health Tech

Fin Tech

Reg Tech

Will we need new ways to approach these areas?

Sign in here to see full details including summary description and the private placement memorandum (PPM).

$100,000 minimum investment - maximum investment in the tens of millions.

Company Contact for More Information

To speak with a Senior Vice President of the the funding company for these investments and to have your detailed questions answered, call or email

Chris Most


Your Own Financial Advisor

Do you conduct most of your investing through your own financial advisor?

Have them contact me and they can be easily set up to do due diligence on these products and offer you these investments directly themselves.  They can offer the funds to you as a broker-dealer, as a registered investment advisor or as a referral partner.

They can have full access to third party due diligence by Buttonwood or FactRight.  Funds are held by a 3rd party administrator.  Funds are audited.

Non-US Sophisticated Investors

Non-US sophisticated investors or investment funds may invest in these funds as long as they have or obtain a US Tax ID.  Talk with Chris Most for details.

** An "accredited investor" is specifically defined by the government, but basically is a person or family with over $1 million in assets not counting their primary home but counting the value of any business they own and everything else they own including retirement funds and insurance cash value and real estate other than primary home.

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