Growth Assets

Modern life needs money.

With a foundation of Protected Cash and Cash Flow Assets,

you are then in a position to carefully add select Growth Assets.

Growth Assets are longer term assets with much higher expected returns.

Start slow, start small and choose carefully.

Explore our financial solutions that optimize your Growth Assets.

Possible Growth Assets

Funding an additional business for yourself

Funding the business of a well known friend

Carefully selected private equity opportunities

Carefully selected small cap stock market investments

For "Accredited Investors." ($1 million net worth excluding home)

Diversified Alternative Assets in Oil, Real Estate and Tech -

Active or passive equity interests in Texas oil operations - possible tax advantages.

Equity interests in focused real estate projects

Equity interests in a diversified tech fund

If any of these interest you,

Then Log-in here for more detailed information and give me a call.

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