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Growth Assets

With a foundation of Protected Cash and Cash Flow Assets,

you are then in a position to carefully add select Growth Assets.

Optimize your Growth Assets.

Possible Growth Assets

Using your protected cash or other savings you can:

Fund an additional business for yourself - make sure it will cash flow soon

Funding the business of a well known friend - you can use your protected cash

Carefully selected private equity opportunities

Carefully selected small cap stock market investments - work with a good broker

Why Now?

This is a challenging time in the midst of the pandemic and its aftermath.

However, some of the most significant investment opportunities present themselves during volatile and stressful times.

In an economic downturn, the growth assets you choose can provide a hedge against the stock market with the potential to create a higher degree of portfolio stability.

Well managed and well funded growth assets can take advantage of "buy low", have the ability to patiently wait, and then offer the possibility of superior returns when markets recover.

During uncertain times, a little hedge can make a big difference.

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