Cashflow Assets

Modern life needs money.

Your job or your own business gives you cashflow only as long as you work.

But for greater security and less stress you need passive cashflow assets.

Passive assets give you monthly or quarterly cash flow whether you work or not.

Explore our financial solutions that optimize your passive Cashflow Assets.

Common Cashflow Assets

High Dividend Stock or Public MLPs

Talk to your stock broker.

Even with the current market, there are some very high yield investments 

Rental Property

   Many people have accumulated significant wealth this way, but ...

   Ties up a lot of your capital for an undetermined time

   Can be very time consuming

   Risk of bad tenants

   Risk of housing downturns


For "Accredited Investors." ($1 million net worth excluding home)

Diversified Alternative Assets in Oil, Real Estate and Tech -

   Would you like a secured asset that pays you monthly?

   Would you like secured assets that reduce your exposure to the stock market?

   Would you like secured assets with annual interest over 8%?

   If you answered "Yes" to any of these,

   Then Log-in here for more detailed information and give me a call.

Consider Laddering Your Cash Flow Assets That Have a Term

As an example, suppose a person had worked hard many years and had 600,000 in a money market fund or bank earning 0.5% currently.

That gives him a cash flow of $3,000 per year or $250 per month.

Suppose that this same person had access to an alternative asset that paid 8% but had a one year term.

Instead of buying the 8% asset all at once, the person could ladder the investment by buying $50,000 per month for each of 12 months.  Then going forward the person would have $50,000 each month that they could choose to renew or choose to withdraw giving them liquidity for some other use.

After 12 months the $600,000 would be earning $48,000 per year or $4,000 per month.

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