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Build Your Savings

Few people ever made themselves wealthy without building savings.

Almost no one ever became wealthy just saving in a bank.

In addition to a bank account, most wealthy people add:

Protected Cash

Cashflow Assets

Growth Assets

Let me help you do the same

Spend less than you make - Always

Save 10% or more each year of your life - when you are 16 and when you are 86

Let me show you great ways to save using Protected Cash

  • For safe, protected savings with the addition of a significant death benefit.

  • In Texas and in many other states this is the very safest place to keep savings.

  • Protection against bankruptcy and lawsuits

  • To build a safe emergency fund.

  • To build a personal opportunity fund for big purchases or investments.

  • For starting your own business or for paying off your debt.

  • For your business and for employee retention.

  • Tax-free growth, tax-free death benefit, tax-free access to your cash value.

  • No IRS reporting.

  • For everyone - premiums of $100 per month up to $20,000 per month.

  • Customized for where you are in your life. Consider your grandchildren.

  • Customized to lay a foundation for all you plan to achieve.


For Wealthy Families with very large estates


  • Create a large irrevocable trust for estate equalization, planning and protection.

  • Without you ever having to write a check.

  • Efficiently plan your estate even with large illiquid assets like a private business or a large ranch or need to fund a business buy-sell agreement.

  • How much life insurance would you want if you didn't have to write a check?

  • Insured must be 65 or less and in good health.



For Commercial Banks


  • Banks with $1.5 billion to $40 billion total assets.

  • Earn significant fee income for multiple years with no impact on your lending capacity.

  • For banks over $40 billion this program is still very profitable.

  • Increase bank deposits for up to ten years.

  • Uniquely serve and retain your key clients.

Contact me by email at or text or call me at 817-881-5631.

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