"Perpetual Wealth" Book

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How would you like a book that carefully explains how to build multi-generational family cohesiveness and multi-generational family wealth whether you are starting today with $100 or $100 million?​ 
"Perpetual Wealth" - How to Use "Family Financing" to Build Prosperity and Leave a Legacy for Generations" by Kim D. H. Butler and Kate Phillips
This is an absolutely great book.
It explains fully and logically how to build multi-generational wealth and a cohesive family culture whether you are starting today with $100 or with $100 million.
It is worth a careful read, study and ponder by all the adults in your family.
To me it works well to first read Chapter 14 and then read the whole book from preface to footnotes.  You will probably find yourself doing lots of under-lining or note taking.

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